THE FP – How much do you want it?

Look at this trailer and wonder in the hectic awesomeness that we live in a world where this is a movie.



The movie is called the FP, which stands for Fraizer Park,  a battle ground for a bunch of teenagers in an apocalyptic wasteland who's life is to get busy dancing, or get busy dying. The movie is essentially DDR The Movie, but with some hilariously over the top characters and some awesome music to go along with it.


I contacted the American distributors of the film and sadly at this moment, the movie has no distributor in Australia or New Zealand, but it did get shown at the Brisbane International Film Festival late last year. However, I did get word that they are in contact with the film's right holders to bring the film to Australia.


I've gone one step beyond and made this petition that you need to send to your friends and everyone you know and hopefully the film will get the attention of someone to bring it to Australia.


I mean, how awesome would it be to see this film?



Written by Harrison Engstrom